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Event Industry in India

What event planners do?

Event planner needs coordination with lots of peoples. Co-ordination with vendors,artists, technicians, government authorities, stage plans, media coverage, journalist and more. It’s a difficult task to coordinate with all those peoples but you will be paid well for this. Arranging client meetings, searching locations, asking bids, maintaining relationship with clients and vendors, budget estimation, knowing client expectations are the duties and responsibilities performed by an event planner As an event management team you will organize events like corporate events, weddings, destination management, marketing events, birthday parties, specialevents and more. A person should be able to multi task at the same time. The work pressure will be high where work should be done at time and perfection. Making a tiny problem will also make a big disaster in this industry. Everything should be done perfectly.

Event management industry in India.

The managers who organize events are being paid well for their multi-tasking responsibility. Every single day an event is been organized by event management companies. The industry is expected to grow each year by 20% because of boom in Indian economy.

Event Management as a career in India

The event management has become fastest growing business industry in India. There is a huge demand for youngsters in the event management industry. For the young peoples who are able to handle leadership skills have a high demand of career in the event management industry.. There are several areas where you can get into the event management company.For example it can be an event manager, designer, business development executive. So there is a wide area that you can involve to an event management.Also you can specialize in any events according to your skills. If you are interested in organizing a wedding you can be into it or you are interested in some other areas you can be into it. There is a huge demand for professionals specializing in certain area. Also a person can work in the event industry as a freelancer. After getting enough experience in the industry then he can start his own event management company.

How much money you can earn?

Event management is not that so easy, it requires a huge effort and time to be successful. A young person with skills described in this article is perfect to this industry. The earning potential of a skilled person and an experienced in the event management is limitless. You can earn with every successful event that you are organizing. You will be paid much better than the other professionals. Experience is a major thing in this industry also a person who is having a highly talent can earn a decent income than professionals. There is no specific job qualification required to work as an event planner, however having a event management certification will be an added advantage. You should be having an excellent communication skill, networking skills. If you are having any degree in marketing or public relation then it will help you out. Generally talking a person who works in an event management company will get approx. Rs.15000 per month as an intern or trainee. And once if you are having an experience a lot of event with in your hands you will be able to make substantial income. The more you bear the risk the more you get paid. So a talented planner scan make good amount of income.

Skills for an event planner

  • Strong interpersonal skills including experience building and maintaining relationships with a diverse network of individuals and organizations.
  • Strong organizational skills including attention to detail and ability to multi-task.
  • Time management skills and ability to prioritize a large volume of tasks.
  • Self-motivation, enthusiasm and willingness to learn.
  • Great customer services skills.
  • Produce post-event evaluation to inform future events.
  • Lead promotional activities for the event.
  • Supervise and manage all suppliers and contractors working on location.
  • Ensure a smooth operation throughout each event.
  • Required to work closely with the members of the team to collectively produce a successful event.
  • Coordinate and manage the set-up and production of the event on site, ensuring the delivery of a high quality event.
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