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5 Reasons Why You Should Pursue a Career in Event Management

5 Reasons Why You Should Pursue a Career in Event Management

The Event Management industry has come a long way from what it used to be. With all the industriesadapting to the latest technologies, the events industry has also taken its opportunity to grow throughinnovative formats. From public events like experiential VR screenings, to music festivals with sevenstages running for three days, and private events such as theme parties, the excitement in the EventManagement domain is touching the roof. The industry has also expanded its way beyond organizing regular parties and events to morecreative events to entertain people. With the rising scope & expectations of entertainment, theme,food, and security at events, the demand for skilled Event Managers is mounting with each day.If you are a smart, outgoing person with obvious inclination towards a well-paid & glamorous career,then this field is the right choice for you. And you should know, THIS is the right time to be working inthe Event Management. With the right skills, you too can build an amazing career in the industry.Here’s why we say so:

Event Technology the Social Aspect.

Web-based social networking can represent the deciding moment an event. In t he case of something turns out badly, it's just a tweet or Facebook live video far from being posted on the web and spreading. So as opposed to overlooking web-based social networking and making a conceivableissue, grasp it and make it an indispensable piece of your event. Urge participants to take pictures and recordings or your set up and discuss it on the web. Offer prizes and illustrations for individuals who specify your event in a tweet while including a photograph of them before the primary stage. Incorporate a social divider to your occasion to likewise urge individuals to "#" your event, along these lines adding them to the divider! There are a lot of chances to ensure you utilize social further bolstering your good fortune.

It’s not all about marks

Unlike specialized technical fields, Event Management does not require you to crack difficultcompetitive exams with a cut-off percentage. The focus is on your organizational skills, patience,creativity, and capacity to multitask. For the ones who do not want their talents to be constrained bythe grades, event planning is an excellent opportunity.

Travel to new places

A lot of events happen at beautiful locations. For events like award ceremonies, destination weddings,or corporate conferences, the Event Managers always get to go to new places. If you love travelling and exploring new places, then as an Event Manager, fun and fulfilling adventures will always await you.

High scope of growth

The events and activations industry in India is expected to cross Rs 10,000 crore mark by 2020-21, as per an EY-EEMA (Event and Entertainment Management Association) report. Considering these numbers, the professionals & companies active in the industry are expected to earn startling revenues. Marketing activities and rural expansion have triggered the growth of the event management industry.

Extensive scope of collaboration

For the ones who thrive on meeting new people and cultivating new relationships, the EventManagement industry provides immense scope. Event Planners get to interact & deal with world classphotographers, musicians, artists, comedians, chefs and many more, apart from a wide range ofclientele, through collaborative events..

Work satisfaction

As an Event Manager, when you work hard for an event for weeks or months, watching it conclude successfully is a deeply satisfying experience. Many professionals from the industry agree that thereis a unique job satisfaction and feeling of fulfilment in attached with pulling off a high-profile event.